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Where is the Learning Center for the Executive Program?


-          Queen Collage, K.L


-          PSDC, Kuantan, Pahang


-          UTM, Skudai, Johor


-          UPSI (Mod Cuti Sekolah)



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What type of mode offered for Master Program?

Mode C - Course and Project Paper

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What is the learning mode?

- face to face and blended learning mode

- school breake mode


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How much is the fees?



Master Executive


PhD Executive


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What is the duration of each Executive Program?


Duration (Semester/Years)

Master Executive

Min 4 Semester / 2 Years – Max 10 Semester / 5 Years

PhD Executive

Min 6 Semester / 3 Years – Max 14 Semester / 7 Years

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What are the General Conditions of the Executive Program?

please refer to >

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When filling out an online application form , the applicant had made a mistake in filling out the information . Does the application being processed?

Yes , the application will be processed within the application date, however the applicant must inform the PPL through hotline 015-48797800 / 7807/7815 due to the mistake in filling out the information.

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What supporting documents should be included in the online application process?

- A copy of identity card
- A copy of the Scroll
- Copy of Transcript
- Copy of the Confirmation Service
* Each copy must be certified by Gred A Officer only
* Each copy must be certified by the

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How applicants can obtain the status of application?

Please Check on this url >

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After reviewing the status of application , the results showed no record of the application in the system . What are the ways for applicants to check the application?

Applicants should contact the hotline 015-48797810 for more information

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What should be done if the application is not successful?

Candidates must submit an appeal letter to PPL together with the supporting documents:

- letter of confirmation from employer

- letter of appointment to the current position

- other supporting documents

Candidates can obtain the appeal status through web >

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When will the applicants get the original offer letter?

Original offer letter will be distributed during registration day.

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Can I apply for a new executive program if I had turned down the offer executive programs before?

yes, you can reapply for the executive program.

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If I am the holder of a Bachelor 's not in education,can I apply for master education in PPL?

yes you may applied, based on the condition set by the university.

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i've just graduated, but i didnt get my scrool. Can i apply for Master Executive program?

Yes you may apply.

you have to upload the letter of approval stated that you've finish your study.

please upload the letter at the scroll section.

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Can i change the program if the application have been submitted?

YES you may change the program before the application dateline.

please call our officer at 015-48797810.

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What is the format for the supporting documents?

1. the documents must be scan not captured by camera/phone.

2. the format accepted are JPEG or PDF.

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How do I know my online application has been successfully submitted?

The Reference Number will be displayed and the status of the application is APPLY.

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